Anyone knows why I am experiencing this?

hi all,
I am trying to read an excel starting at Row 7 (with header) or Row 8 (w/o header) to extract the string for use in my automation. Also, should I read from Row 7 or 8 for this to work?
However, nothing is being typed into despite the workflow shown.
Anyone knows why?

Hey @attkren1 ,
You can give the range from row 7 and in the properties Panel of read range : Check The addHeaders property

if i do this, the value to save becomes “CurrentRow(”*Name").ToString" right, based on the excel screenshot? Still nothing is being typed into though… :frowning:

Hi @attkren1

After read range it stored in to a datatable right.
First check the column are there in the datatable or not.
After read range take the For each activity to loop the columns in the datatable
and give a message box inside the for each and check.
In List of items field in for each activity give like this yourdatatablename.Columns
It will iterate the columns of datatable.

Hope it helps!!

Try using index instead of column headers
for eg: instead of : CurrentRow(”*Name").ToString
give it has : CurrentRow(1).ToString

This will work smoothly

Happy Automation friend! :slight_smile:


Give like this:


Use “Write Range Workbook” Activity in “Range” property Mention “A7:AF582” in “Add headers”

Make it true

Hey @attkren1
I got 2 possible solution for that
it might work just check and update us

so the first solution is
The column header might have spaces in it So trim The column header and try it

2nd solution is
The quotes which You have used looks different try removing and it adding it back
I tried with this and below is the screenshot attached

not working. still nothing being typed into

Could you try the above reply and let me know the columns are extracting or not

can you share the xaml if you dont mind also what does the range AF582 point at?

It points at the last data I will need

hi, abit burn out from trying multiple times since morning.
How can I check if the columns are there in the datatable?

Can you try using Range(“A8”) instead of Range(“A8:AF582”) so that it reads everything starting from A8

Use the for each activity to iterate the Yourdatatable.Columns
Inside the for each use message box and give the current item in message box and check the column names. @attkren1

@attkren1 You can either use Datatable.Columns to give you the column names or Datatable.RowCount which will give you the number of rows present.

@attkren1 Can you share the excel file

im getting this despite restarting the program


Please close the excel file then run the process


You are opened the excel excel file and you are trying to run the workflow, Close the excel and run the workflow