HELP PLEASE. Facing a problem with Column “qty” does not belong to table datatable

Hello everyone, I’m really desperately in need of help with this robot for my project. I was tasked to use data table to extract data from an excel sheet and paste on the given google doc. But I’m stuck at this problem with my header from excel “qty” , not being able to be recognised/ belong to table from datatable. I’ve asked my lecturer and she said it has something to do with the robot being different from human, it will not be able to pick up info (qty)like us human. I have no idea what she means, so if any of you can help me solve this issue, I couldn’t thank you enough

Hi @Kai_Xin_Kho

Please check the datatable whether it holds the data column Qty in runtime.

The datacolumn in datatable OrderTable might be empty or does not have datacolumn Qty.

Please view the datatable in Watch section this might help you.

When you read the data table from the Excel file, did you check the option “AddHeaders”?

Hey @Kai_Xin_Kho

Please make sure on these points,

  1. When you read data from Excel make sure the headers are checked

  2. Also when you’re calling header it should be the exact similar name as in Excel be it an extra space or case sensitive


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Hello @Kai_Xin_Kho

If your column name is not working you can use the column index to read the data from that particular column

Like Currentrow(0).Tostring will read data from the first column.

Also it would be better if you can share the screenshot of the excel which you are reading.

If you are using column name, then inside the Read Range activity you have to enable “Add Headers” in the property panel.

Also make sure “Qty” is a valid column name in that excel.

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Please specify the problem clearly. If you got any error please attach the screenshot of it.

Thanks a lot everyone for your help! my robot is working :sweat_smile: