Json String limit exceeds

Hi I am creating a JSON from a given data-table,

It is working fine and the API request is sent but if the no of character exceed the limit my string exceeds the max limit my bot throws an error.

Please assist if there is a alternate method of some setting change that can increase the max no if characters in a string

It seems that it’s a similar issue with the below, so let me share the post here too hoping someone - who are interested in dealing with this irritative limitation - can lead us to the solution. :woman_teacher:t2::man_teacher:t2:

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I encountered the same issue and from what I remember, what cause the crash is not retreiving the data but serializing the log (or writeline) onto a log message (UiPath serialize all logs).

First solution and the simplest one when you have logs for a quite good amount would be to use the write text file activity to log the string.

You can then log log the textfile path for further reference if necessary.

Second option which is slightly more elegent is to :

  • Use Deserialize Json activity
  • Loop Through each Jtoken as as it suits you (of type Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.Jtoken)
  • Log each token string

Here you have an example of log using Orchestrator API where i separated queues items

Good luck

The issue we are facing is while posting data

Oops, that could be maybe useful example on Post 2
From your side you could think about dividing the posting too if the API allows it.


Running a HTTP request in debug mode throws an error. To solve this issue, the maximum log message size needs to be increased. This can be done by editing the [InstallationFolder]\UiRobot.exe.config file and adding the

*<binding name=“ExecutorServiceBinding” maxReceivedMessageSize=“2147483647” receiveTimeout=“00:10:00” *sendTimeout=“00:10:00” /> line.

Coming from the last patchnote, you might wanna give a try with that

Hi Florent_Salendres,
Would this help in the case XML string size as well? If yes, could you guide me further on where I need to add this statement in the file?


I have not experience this yet from my side.
@ovi @Gabriel_Tatu could you please advised us on this, coming from SP1 patch note?


I have further modified my config file as follows, as per the suggestion from UiPath Community:

This, however, changed nothing still. Where is the issue here?

@ovi @Gabriel_Tatu Could either of you please assist?

DOES anyone have a solution to this MAJOR MAJOR issue?? This is a deal breaker!! Uipath?


You can try appending the config file as in the image given before with the highlighted line. Furthermore, change your logs to “Information”, otherwise your job will fail because the log limit exceeds.

Let me know if this works. :slight_smile:

Hi Richa,

This still does not work when running in studio DEBUG mode, is their something we can do about it in debug mode?

Thanks for your help!!


What is correct location (parent) for this binding in config file?

just hit ctrl+f and search for “ExecutorServiceBinding”.


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is there a solution that doesn’t involve messing around with config files? It’s over 2 years since the last post on this topic and I have the same issue.

It causes an error after the http request because the jobject isn’t set correctly. I have tested this and it only occurs on long inputs => long outputs.

I am trying to user an AI to analyse emails, and these can get lengthy quickly. This is causing me an issue.

Hey @aksh1yadav I have tried to do ctrl+f and I still cant find “ExecutorServiceBinding” I am running 2020.4.1 version studio, do you think that might affect it?