Hi, Issue retrieving information from an API, while using HTTP Request Activity of UiPath Studio; when the response has a JSON result that is huge. (Eg: Retrieving 500 items as a json string

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: Latest version downloaded today :slight_smile:

Attached the UiPath project for your reference.

API EndPoint : https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/comments

UiPath_ProcessTermination_Issue.xaml (6.6 KB)


I guess this might be UiPath’s product limitation in string length as HTTP Request Activity’s output result is in string format and I’ve also experienced a similar exception when trying to read a file like the one below.

Visual Basic itself can however hold more characters btw…

String Data Type (Visual Basic)
Holds sequences of unsigned 16-bit (2-byte) code points that range in value from 0 through 65535. Each code point, or character code, represents a single Unicode character. A string can contain from 0 to approximately two billion (2 ^ 31) Unicode characters.

This limitation is huge and I hope there is a fix for this. The activity writes the response to a resource and even outputs it but the Studio displays the infamous “stopped due to unexpected process termination” and the robot cannot proceed with the next steps.

Please suggest if there is a way to overcome the issue. The goal is to be able to process a HTTP response ideally in JSON which has an array of say, 500 objects with say, 4 properties.

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Hey @george

I have checked with your API Endpoint.

The problem is not with HTTP Request Activity.

String Length is enough which is available.

But here the problem is write line buffer.

The limit is here approx 5K chars so your studio is giving you that error.

If you will remove your writeline activity and will use Write Text activity and write your output to a text file and use it as per your further needs.



Hi, I had similar problems with the http request activity. From what I see, the logging levels on the studio or a UiPath run time is not capable of handling the huge response from the http request. When the logging level is Trace or Verbose, UiPath activity tries to feed in huge amount of log data to the Database, which is failing. Can you try changing the log level to “Info” and see if it works.