If the text is too long, the program crash



When I’m reading a file to a string(attachment) in a process, it crashes.
If I reduce the lines of the file, it’s going well… It’s not a too large file, but UiPath can’t read it.
Also, for the string type in UiPath has a short String length limitation.

test.zip (879 Bytes)


Hey @tomy

WILL YOU share that step where you are getting exception.might be you are using writeline to check your content?

Let me know :slight_smile:



Hi @aksh1yadav I’ve attached my code on the post, if you open it and run, you will see the issue.
Yes, I used writeline and log message to check the output, it doesn’t work.


Hi @tomy,

yes you ll get the error while you are using log message/write line activity with longer text.
you can write into another text file to text the data.



@tomy, Message Box is working but unfortunately you couldn’t see such long texts.

As you have 248636 characters in your string it has a problem in writing to writeLine /Log Message.

Dominic :slight_smile:


OK, so, it’s designed to be like this. I see.


hey @tomy

This is a known issue and already discussed in older posts here.

and writeline to debug a shorter text strings but still you want for debugging purpose then use a text file to write your data use write text activity for the same.



Hi, @aksh1yadav

I see. Will it be fixed in the future?
It’s very confusing when the data (usually dynamic) come to a limited length, it shows Exception, and the message is not clear.

User will feel it’s unstable…


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Hi Tomy,
I have a file and translate to base64 encodestring, so the string is too long ,the length is 100044, if I use HTTP Request activities the UiPath crashes like your’s.
I code in Python , it can run and give the right result back.

what can we do with this? I think it is a bug of UiPath, right?


Do you use Log message or Write Line?


We are also experiencing crashes when too much text is used.

Previously it was known that Write Line and Logging can cause it, however, it’s happening when using the folllowing:

  • Read Text File, then concatenating to the string when there’s a lot of text
  • Copying thousands lines of text to the Clipboard.

We have found that this is isolated to certain machines or servers, so as a workaround currently, we don’t run those processes on that machine.

If there is a quick setting change needed, because it seems like some memory-related issue, please let us know what we can try. I have not really dove into this issue yet partly because we don’t know for sure if it’s a UiPath issue, a Server issue, or a combination, and am also unsure which team would best support in a resolution.

I can probably reproduce the crash if I get time next week.