Is there a limit on how many characters a string can hold

I have a json file that contains around 106,625 characters(999 json arrays). When I try to read it in uipath. It stops reading at 10,000 and just added ah “…” in the end(making it 10,003). When I try to write line it, it errors a Write Line: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.. Is there a way to store all 106,625 or more characters in a string? I was trying to Json Parse this string from a file and it messes up my HTTP Request response

That’s already a thread foe that question specifically.

Below links will answer all your questions.

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As correctly mentioned by rahul there is huge thread we have on the limit part. As we aware uipath is having max capacity 10k after that it is truncating. Small suggestion from my side like instead of using log message for verification. We can store the json output into text file for review.


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Thanks guys! I was checking if my JSON file had a problem with string length. Can’t figure out why my 106, 625 character json file won’t make a proper HTTP JSON Response

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