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When we started with Uipath we generated logs in Excel with the information that users needed in order to know if processes had been executed corectly.

Nowadays we have 5 Robots and we need all Excel logs together in the same Excel.

We tried:

  1. Google Drive Spreadsheet: all Robots write Excel logs in the Spreadsheet. The problem is that exist a row limit.

  2. Share an Excel: we have many problems with that and it does not work

Anybody has been in the same situation? How did you solved?


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We don’t have this issue at the moment, but it is something we have considered, as it may be something we need to do if we end up with multiple robots on a single process.

At the moment, we log to a single Excel file, however…

  1. Could you log separately, and then have a process to merge the logs?
  2. Would it be better to log to an database (access)? - although the question arises as to how the report for the service is generated from this.

I too would be interested to know how other people have handled this.


  1. It may be perfect. We have our logs in C:\ path. Fot that reason, Excel name per Robot is the same. We are gonna try to create a proccess which:
    1.1. Copy Excel logs in a shared path (P:*route*_name Robot)
    1.2. We would have a Excel file per Robot
    1.3. Merge all Excels and it would contain all information of the year

  2. For that, we are using Kibana/elasticsearch. Nevertheless, we want to mantain our Excel logs.

Thnak you so much!

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We solved it:

  • Process 1: each Robot copies Excel logs in common repository
  • Process 2: one Robot create a new Excel per day joining all Excel logs