Multiple robot manage same excel report file

hello everyone,
as per title, I have a robot dispatcher that provides, every day, the loading of some items inside a queue.

Several performers, instead, always daily, take the items and process them.

My question is: how can I manage a single final report, in excel format, considering that according to the daily loads the number of performers can vary, and that I don’t know in advance when the last performer will finish the processing, so all the items in queue?

The doubt arises from the fact that, if two robots simultaneously access the same daily report excel file, this would cause a crash in the writing of the final report.

Thanks in advance


You can convert that Excel file into MS Access DB file. So that multiple Bots can update the status at the same time.

Create a queue for reporting. Create a single automation that reads from that queue and writes to the Excel file. Your multiple performers fill that queue with the items to be logged.

In fact this is how we do ALL logging. We have a generic logging automation, and drop items into its queue from multiple automations. The queue item contains all the info like the path and location to write to, the data to write, etc.

Hello @andreus91 ,

Please see the below post. It will direct you to the solution.

Often the relvant information for reports are retrievable from the processed transaction items itself (E.g. Specific Content, Output field status).

So instead of handling Excel /Tracking Tables we implemented a Reporting Bot (Triggered by cron or by Performer Bot when processing the last item from Queue).

With the Help of Get Queue Items /ORC API the reporting Bot collects the relevant Queue Items for the report and creates reports with the informsation retrieved from the Queue Items.