Join datatables excel

Hello friends I am trying to join two data tables and put it in another sheet but it writes me blank

this is my first and main table

and this is the second one where I have to look for the data according to the “FACTURA” column, and paste only invoice and folio on the sheet Hoja4

and this is my code, I also attach the excel and my .xaml

Main.xaml (8.8 KB)
Facturas combustible.xlsx (113.6 KB)

I hope you can help me, I don’t know what to do anymore

If you need all data for both dataTables, you can use LeftJoin

Could you send an screenshot as (an excel sheet how you need save the info).

in this case I should keep something like that, regardless of repeating “FACTURA”

The rest will also bring data only that for privacy reasons I cannot share them but I would need all the columns guiding me by column “K”

This could be a way to resolve it.

I’ve reused a process that I had and it was very similar

I’m sure there is another way more agile to get only necessary columns. I used the filter activity, to remove the other columns but your sheet has many fields.

(Also check your “K” column. when I try to do it with original registers, I couldn’t get a result)

Here the process y excel file.
Main.xaml (12.4 KB)

Facturas combustible.xlsx (19.3 KB)
I hope it’ll useful

Hello friend, it worked very well for me really thank you very much for your help I was already getting desperate but thanks

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