Full join 2 datatables


I have 2 data tables:

I used a join datatable activity and append it to an excel file but got more data than needed.

What could be done to remove the extra data (The yellow-filled cells):

and only get this?

This is the xaml file:
_test2.xaml (13.9 KB)

Hi @RailCay

You can not do it using join in your case, Join works based on a related column between two data tables.
if you have the PO Number in your second data table you can use the join.

In this case, you can directly write the datatables in excel and define range for dt1 as “A1” and for dt2 as “B1” and you will get your output.

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Hi @RailCay

Do you have any relation between PO Number and Status, or you just want to have data sets PO & Status side by side?


Thank you for clarifying the use of join activity :sweat_smile: . If I cant use that, is there a way can I create a new datatable where the first column is the PO number and the second column is the status?


Yes, side by side. Actually the _test2.xaml is to test out what I can do. The real data comes from 2 arrays and I wanna know how the elements in the first array which is the PO number array become a datarow in the first column and the elements in the second array become a datarow beside it.

I managed to do the first one and create a column of it but I do not know how to put the elements from the second array beside it.

Is there a way how?

Hi @RailCay,

After adding the column, you need to iterate and add the values of array2 to array1. I have attached a sample XAML. you need to like this if you want side by side. Hope it will help you.
Main.xaml (11.1 KB)

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Hi @RailCay

did it worked for you? If yes, Mark it as a solution. It help others.