Joining two datables of CSV and Excel

I am doing the same task like the other days and today I found another problem.
Since the first time, I was using three excel files and it went well when joining the datatables.
But today I tried to join two datatables and both of them are taken out from csv files.
And also tried when one is csv and the other is excel.
But neither of them worked out.
Someone please tell me where am I doing wrong?
Thank you…

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Are you facing any error?

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Can you show more details about it …why it doesnt work out ? di you encounter an error ? @hsupyaewoon

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Check the both data tables have same number of columns and also matching data types.

Karthik Byggari

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Hello @sarathi125 @pattyricarte
Thank you for your reply.
Nothing just came out.
Wait, I will show you details.

Hello @KarthikByggari
Thank you for your answer.
I don’t know how to match data type and is it necessary to have same number of columns on both files?

Here is how am I trying and please check it for me?

Trial4.xlsx (9.1 KB) new.xaml (17.6 KB) Trial7.xlsx (10.9 KB) ConfigFile2.xlsx (9.2 KB)

I am sorry. But I couldn’t upload csv file here.
So, let me upload these two csv files as excel files instead.

holiday taken.xlsx (11.1 KB) approver table.xlsx (11.3 KB)

For joining not required.
For appending it is mandatory.

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I just want to join them with some options.

Hey mate @hsupyaewoon
Hope issue has been resolved till now. :slight_smile:
if not, what error you are getting?
On what basis you want to join the tables… is it Approve person code and employee number.
did you trimmed the column data before joining.

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Heyyy @SaurabhDisawal
Nice to see you again.
It isn’t solved till now.
First,I want to join “Holiday taken” from holiday taken file(CSV) and “holiday must take” from trial4(EXCEL).
But when I try to join them, nothing came out.
And the second is “Approve Person Code” from approver file(CSV) and “employee number” from the datatable of the first join.
But, I didn’t trim the column data.
And I trimed it now.
Yet, as I told you, since the first join, there was no data in the datatable and so also none of the result came out in the end.

In the trial4 excel i can see only one cell with data, on which basis you want to join the data, can you share expected result for 1st join?

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Yes @SaurabhDisawal
There is only one cell.
I want to join like this.


nopes, share it in excel format, by updating excel manually.

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Ok so, you just want to copy that data to each row in Holiday taken datatable
That is not possible with Join, because for join we should have a common column in both the tables, like we have Approve Person Code and employee number in other scenario.

You can use Add data row and add that value in other DT
wait 10 mins i will share the xaml.

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Thank you for your answer.
Yes, I am waiting. :blush:
Actually i don’t want to copy the data. :cry:
Like there may be some employees who already took more than 3 days and so, I don’t want their data. I want employees who only takes less than 3 holidays.
May be sometimes, less than 5 holidays. It depends on the condition.
That’s why I am stuck.

ooh ok cool, i will make the changes

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Thank you so muchhhhhhh @SaurabhDisawal:sob: :star_struck:

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Basically you wanted the Holiday taken Dt to be filtered out for the employees who have not taken the hoildays mentioned in another DT.
Check this xaml it will give u the filtered data in “FilteredTable” DT and then you can join the Approver table as before we did.
new (1).xaml (8.1 KB)


I got it. :heart_eyes:
Thank you so much… :heart:
I really appreciate it…