Compare two excel sheets

I have an excel with two sheets I want to find if what is in Hoja 1 is in Hoja2 and if so, take that data to another sheet

this is my Hoja 2


and I want to look for that data in this Hoja 1 on column “K”

If there is a match I want to take the data from column “k” and “A” from Hoja 1 to another new sheet

could you help me give ideas

This is my excel
Facturas combustible.xlsx (119.6 KB)

Hi @Ivan_torres_oliva do we need to take duplicates values too of FACTURA in HOJA1?

hello, so it is even that they are repeated, since in some occasions column A is different


What you are trying to say is that you want to compare the particular columns with each other supposedly HOJA 1(Excel 1 any column) data to particular column FACTURA in HOJA 2 (Excel 2)??

What if the same value is repeating again and again? Need to take those too?

Am I getting it right?

Hello, sorry for the delay, but that’s how you say it, even if they repeat, I need that data

for example like this, try the following but it doesn’t work for me

this is my first and main table

and this is the second one where I have to look for the data according to the “FACTURA” column, and paste only invoice and folio on the new sheet

and this is my code, I also attach the excel and my .xaml

Main.xaml (8.8 KB)
Facturas combustible.xlsx (113.6 KB)

Hi @Ivan_torres_oliva

I think same scenario u had given here

If yes solution for this is also provided