Jobs getting resumed after deleting Action centre Tasks


After deleting the tasks in action center, the suspended jobs are automatically getting resumed. Is this the normal, expected behavior ? We will be having more than 1000 tasks created everyday and sometimes all those needs to be deleted. We have just 4 bots and it is affecting our bot utilization to a greater extend and most of the times we are killing all the resumed jobs in order to make the bots available.
Any inputs is highly appreciated.


Hi Athira,

If you delete a pending action, then the suspended job can resume with ‘task not found’ exception. Are you trying to delete pending or completed actions?

Sruthi YNM

I am trying to delete the unassigned and pending actions. So it will resume automatically ?

Yes jobs will try to resume, otherwise they will remain in Suspended state indefinitely

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Check your “UiPath.Persistence.Activities” package. With V1.2 it resumes automatically. Previous versions do not resume automatically.


Even if the jobs try to resume, it will again go into suspended mode itself I think. But as there will be 1000+ tasks in our case, the bot utilization is getting affected.

I am using version 1.1.9, but still its getting resumed after the task is deleted.