Action Center Resumed Jobs

Hi There,

I am testing an action center process, where the bot wait for the form to be actioned and then resumes.

I have ran this in the VM via Studio to debug, it got to the waiting part and I have ended it there, but the jobs in Orchestrator still remain.

Is there a way of stopping/ending these ?

Many Thanks

Hi @Kyleb91 you can auto complete the task. How to Auto Complete Pending Tasks in Action Center - YouTube

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Hey @Kyleb91

You can kill those.


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Hi There,

The task is already complete, it is the job that has ended (in studio) is still showing as resumed, I cannot kill this.

I can’t :confused:


Oh got it, so which means these were initiated using assistant right ?

And do you have any machine with robot and license allocated in that folder

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Yes, started via Assistant. One machine and one user in that folder.