Attended Bot (latest Community Edition) Not Resuming After Completing Action

I created a small demo project with 4 activities focused on persistence and Action Center (see YouTube example How to use Assign Tasks in UiPath Action Center - YouTube). I have downloaded required packages and enabled Persistence for this project. The project executes correctly when run from Studio. I’m using the Assistant on the same machine as the Studio is on. I published the project to Orchestrator and initiated the process from Assistant. The process initiates correctly and creates task in the Action Center. In Orchestrator the job suspends correctly. However, after I completed the task in Action Center, the bot does not resume. In Orchestrator on the Jobs tab, the status shows ‘Resumed’ - but does not show any resources allocated. The log still shows suspended. The job seems to have gone into a hang and only way to end it is to manually stop or kill it. I’m on Community Edition and using Studio 21.10.5. The Assistant is properly connected to Orchestrator (green). Does anyone have an idea what is going on and how to resolve the issue?

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Hey @Jay_Ray

I think this can be done only by un-attended licenses.

Since your license type is attended, When the job gets resumed it may not able to allocate the attended bot as per license.

Else, Assistant should keep track and provide a resume as in Studio which can be raised as a request.

But currently making the bots unattended for persistence makes sense as it is going to get human help from the Action center, still some scenarios are exceptional.