How to resume a task automatically in Action Center in UI Path Assistant

When I am running task via Assistant , after approving in action center , task is not resuming and getting suspended
But when I run the task through studio. Its running fine
Please find the attached screenshot

Hey @Anusha_Pydepalli

In Assistant you need to manually resume the job.


Hi @Anusha_Pydepalli ,

Make sure an Un-Attended Robot is assigned.

Also, When Run Through Studio, You would have to Manually Click on Resume for continuation of the process.

Currently I am using Enterprise Trial version. How to assign unattended robot.

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Hi @supermanPunch I’m having the same issue than @Anusha_Pydepalli and, when I launch the process from Assistant, I don’t have the possibility to resume it neither manually. If I go to “History” of the process, I can see the status of them but I can’t resume them, even if they are still in “Suspended” state. Once I approve the task in Action Center, the status of the process changes alone to “Resumed” but any of the actions of the workflow (I log a line and send a mail) are done. If I launch it from Studio and after I click on “Resume” in studio it performs correctly the log and mail activities.


Note: With unattended robot it works fine but I still have some doubts about this kind of license and I’m not sure about the possibilities to use it or not in my company.