Job Run from Orchestrator not behaving correctly

Hi there,

I’m having a problem after seting up Robot on a new virtual machine.

What I can’t really understand is that when runing a job through the Robot Agent on the virtual machine the job works as it should, but does however not show up on the Jobs list in Orchestrator and stops when closing my Remote Desktop Connection

The other problem is when runing the job through Orchestrator. First of all I can’t access the virtual machine with Remote Desktop Connection and secondly the process seems to open up endless tabs in the browser (probably one for each iteration) even though it should only be using one tab as it does when run through the Robot Agent on the virtual machine.

Hope anyone has some input on how to resolve this issue.


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To simplify the question:

Processes/jobs only work properly when run through Orchestrator if connected to virtual machine with Remote Desktop Connection. Any ideas on how to resolve?

@rjonasson - Couple of questions.

  1. Where is your orchestrator running? Is it also on a VM and in the same network as the machine running the bot?
  2. When you say

how are you able to run the job using the robot agent in your earlier statement? How are you connecting to the vm in this case?

Hi @sreenivasm

Thank you so much for replying! Orchestrator is running on a server while the VM is on a internal machine. For info, we just moved from a Azure machine into a local one for a Citrix application, as we had some latency problems with the former setup and this move is truly the source of these problems because previously this wasn’t an issue.

The problems depend to some extent to the setup of the Robot in Orchestrator.

The robot type is now: Development (I also have a licence for Unattended altough I feel UiPaths documentation isn’t fully clear on what the difference between the two is) and
Runtime settings: Login to Console = No -> When this is set to Yes the process seems to run when run through Orchestrator but then I’m unable to access the VM with Remote Desktop Connection so In that case I had to run the process with robot agent to maintain the Remote Desktop Connection.

Hope I’m answering your questions and thank you so much for giving me the time and effort, immensely appreaciated!


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Hi @rjonasson,

Can you please provide more details:

  • what version of Robot/Orchestrator do you have?
  • what OS is the robot installed on?
  • do you want to connect to the same session as the robot with the same username?
  • assuming that when running from Orchestrator the job fails, what error is displayed in job details?
  • can you provide details on what the wf is doing and why it might open multiple tabs?


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Hi @Andrei_Oprea

Thanks for the reply!

  • Orchestrator 2018.2.3
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Yes I wan’t to connect to the same session i.e. using the same user and pw logging into the machine with Remote Desktop Connection.
  • It fails when closing the remote desktop connection and fails at performing tasks as soon as the session is closed hence the next action fails this could be sending hot keys or other tasks. However when run through Orchestrator without connecting with Remote Desktop Connection the error is not as straightforward as the process runs but clicks etc. seem to be only partially correct i.e. opening endless tabs in Internet Explorer eventually leading to it crashing.
  • The WF should not be opening tabs. The only sensible explanation could be that one of the clicks inside the browser causes another tab to open, could also be a navigate to activity. However noting that this only happens when the process is run through Orchestrator while not connected with Remote Desktop Connection.


Hi @rjonasson,

I think I may have an idea on what is going on:

What is happening:
It’s all because your robot machine is in an Citrix environment.
When you “manually” log in to your robot machine, you are actually connecting through a Citrix protocol called ICA (you are opening an .ica file that is given to you from the Citrix server).

This ICA protocol has some limitations when interacting with a Windows Remote Desktop Protocol:

  • closing an ica window means you disconnect (key work) from this ica session. The Windows Remote Connection either not be able to connect to that disconnected ICA session or will connect and disconnect constantly to that session (All explained here)
    This may explain both why your session fails when you close the (ICA) window and why your internet explorer opens a lot of tabs (because your are not in the same windows session)

What to do:
Try not to mix ICA and RDP too much. Never ever try to force windows to log in to a disconnected ICA session.
Use ICA session just to debug and develop your flow and then LOG-OUT of your session.
Use RDP ONLY ON A LOGGED-OFF user session.

The ICA protocol implementation is actually in our roadmap for this year, but I don’t have any more details on when it will actually get implemented.
When this is finished, you would simply select ICA as a robot connect protocol and will no longer need any RDP connections.

Hope this helps.


This is also a problem. If you cannot connect to that VM using remote desktop connection, neither can the robot when started from Orchestrator.
You need to enable RDP on that machine and on that robot user.

Hi @andreiT,

Thanks! I’m having my IT team look into your first pointer although they do say that the machine should not be in an Citrix environment. However regarding the second one. I’m only unable to connect with RDP when Orhestrator robot is set as “Runtime settings: Login to Console = Yes” if that is however set to No then RDP works.

Best regards,

The robot CAN run in an citrix environment. We are actually using some test VMs inside a citrix environment.
You just have to be careful of this ICA-RDP limitation that I mentioned.


Hi @andreiT,

I’ve been trying to find a solution to this problem for a week now. The problem in short is that for the process to run correctly (finding Ui elments and navigating through hot keys) when run through Orchestrator I need to be connected with RDP, but should be run unattended.

The actions taken on the VM are in a Citrix application which is actually run through a server (if that matters).

Hope you have some solution.

Best regards,

So, the on the robot VM the flow opens a Citrix application ( ica > xen app ?) and performs actions on it ?
The robot VM itself is also in a citrix ?

Does it look like this example (I opened a Calculator xen app from a citrix server)


Hi @andreiT,

It’s just a regular Windows 10 desktop on my VM, see below screenshot.


Best regards,

But the VM itself is in a citrix environment, right ?
As long as you can create a RDP connection manually to it, the robot should be able to do that too.

Just let the robot create it’s own RDP connection when triggering the job from Ochestrator, like I said before, make sure the session is NOT disconnected, that it’s actually logged off.
Is this not possible ?


Hi @andreiT,

Thank for the reply. Just found the solution to this! It was actually a resolution problem, just needed to set the resolution for the robot and that seems to have done the trick. Thanks for your time and effort!

Best regards,


You are welcome!
Glad you fixed the problem.


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