Job/process started in orchestrator is in pending status

I’m new to UiPath. Job/process in not running in Orchestrator stuck in pending status, please help.


Are you using your own workflow or in Reframework template?

If it’s your own workflow, please ensure that you’ve used Set Transaction activity to update the status Acc. To workflow like successful or failed.

In Reframework, all of such things are taken care of automatically.

I’m using my own simple workflow, this is my first attempt to make it run from orchestrator.

I realized it now that my robot in in Disconnected status, how can i bring it to Available status.


Please refer to below points :

  1. Copy ‘hostname’ in command-promt to get your machine name
  2. Copy your orchestrator url
  3. Paste the machine key from Orchestrator>Machines tab > Details icon
  4. Disconnect from VPN (if any connected)

If robot is already created, try run manually UiPath Robot.exe and check whether it’s able to send the signal to orchestrator or not. If yes, then it’ll show as green one.

Hi @Ramki81,

It’s a known issue, while configuring the robot, how you are providing the username, provide the username along with domain name.

Domain name\username

You can get domain name from cmd, type whoami command which gives domain and username

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Hi I’m using for Orchestrator which was provided under UiPath academy for learning. Please give me the steps to make it work.

Thanks Anil, i modified user name with the correct domain name. I’m using for Orchestrator.

Hi @Ramki81,

So is the job successfully running or are they still in pending state.

Still the Robot in Disconnected status only

First connect your robot to orchestrator, from the robot tray.


Please follow the steps as shown in link:

Let us know if you’re facing any issues.

I’m not finding Uipath under systemtray, not sure how to reach it. I jusy have UiPath studio in my machine.Please advise.

It’s working now, thank you.

Great @Ramki81

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