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I’m learning to use Orchestrator, and I’m having issues with a Job I created. It doesn’t have a trigger and the automation is a simple message box.

Any idea?


Hi @mardoza
The job type is “unattended”. Do you have an unattended license? (Under Tenant =>licences)
Also, the message box activity is an activity that requires human interaction to validate/close so it’s not very suited to unattended automation anyway, instead try to write in a text file for example.

Hi @mardoza,

Could you also check if there is machine assigned to the folder?
In “Leraning_folder” navigate to “settings” If you don’t find the machine where you need to run the bot then add the machine by navigating to “Manage machines in folder”

Do let me know if this helps

@mardoza ,
To trigger a process,
1st you need a machine key to connect with assistant
then you have to create a user in orchestrator, then you have to configure the username and password of your system to the unattended robot

please watch the below video

HI @mardoza

Check out this docs

Check out this tutorial


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I’m following examples from the internet. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

I think I have what is needed. Let me know if I’m wrong.

Can you check if there’s an available machine in this folder:

Well, the solution was to change the Runtime type to Testing when creating the Process. Any idea why?

I was using Production (Unattended)

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Could possibly be for many reasons:
-There are no unattended licences available, only testing licences.
-In that specific folder, there are only available machines with testing runtime
-There was an unattended runtime, but was busy used in another job at the time you executed

When you execute a job, always check if you have available runtimes in the type you selected, if you have 0 runtimes available, the job will stay pending:

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