Job is failing when run unattended

I’ve Unattended Bot located on remote desktop.

Flow is very simple:

  1. Open browser with specific URL
  2. Login
  3. Navigate
  4. Capture print screen
  5. Send email with attachment

It works perfect when screen is open, but when screen is closed it fails at step 2 with error:
Type Into ‘INPUT username’: Timeout reached.

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Hi @idanp,

Welcome to the Community.

Please Update the Input type of Username to Simulate click.


Thanks! it solved the issue with the fields.
Now i have same issue with step 3 - navigate is done by clicking on an image

Hi @idanp,

Why are you not using the selectors here ?

For Image you can use the Below setting (Send Window Message : Checked)



The Send Window Message is checked:

I used Navigate To activity to solve this issue, but now i fail on step 4 - Take Screenshot.
Take Screenshot ‘DIV’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

@idanp ,

  1. Go to the take screenshot activity :

  2. Edit Selector

  3. Keep the screenshot page Open and Click on validate to see the selctor validity


  1. Click on repair or Indicate on screen. This will fix the selector issue


Thanks for your help.
The Take Screenshot works good, the issue is only when the bot remote machine is closed/minimized…

This is the error I get now:
Save Image: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

only when the bot remote machine is closed/minimized

hello idanp,

When minimized you can make it work if you have below settings on local machine

When RDP is disconnected,please see the below post

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