Job erroring out on UI element activity in Assistant

The project runs fine in both Studio & Assistant on my machine, but it errors out on my coworker’s machine (using Assistant) at the first UI element activity (not found). He can run it just fine in Studio. We have tried adjusting the screen resolution settings (Robot settings), selecting “No” for “Login to Console,” re-saving the project folder to a common space, etc. but nothing seems to work. We are testing this because the end goal is to deploy to a user that will not have Orchestrator or Studio - they will run it from Assistant with their Attended license so we need to be able to run it smoothly from Assistant before deployment. Any advice is appreciated!


looks like you’r having problems with the selectors, probably they’r changing in the other machine, can you check the selectors from studio in the other machine?


We did do that already. He can run it just fine from Studio. The problem is, when we go to deploy this to a user with an Attended license, they won’t have Studio to change the selectors. Where does Assistant run the job from? I thought it sent it to the Robot from the Orchestrator package?


Can you please share error message here. So that we can check and help you.

This is the error but again, it runs just fine in Studio. The real issue is the UI elements not working in Assistant.