Cannot find the UI element when run in Unattended from Orchestrator

Hi All,

Currently i had issue when running Robot RPA Unattended from Orchestrator without get session.

Hereby the case :

  • Robot Unattended in Production server :
  • PC Local (to access Robot unattended using Remote Desktop Connection/RDP) :
  1. Run Robot Manual from UiPath Assistant : Work Normally
  2. Run Robot Manual from UiPath Studio : Work Normally
  3. Run Robot Manual from Orchestrator with access to RDP Robot Unattended open : Work Normally
  4. Run Robot Manual/Scheduled from Orchestrator with no access RDP to Robot Unattended : Crashed.

Error :

Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector

Detail Error :



Can you try to check screenshot when error occurs using Take Screenshot activity or Job Recording function of Orchestrator? There might be something cause in it.


Hi @Yoichi -San,

Thankyou for your responds, i want to try that job recording, but i had another issue right now.
my jobs queue stuck in pending status, i will inform you again if that method work to debuging.



  1. I hope the robot is installed in service mode
  2. Is the machine signed off before the run? Sometimes disconnecting /minimizing also might cause the issue
  3. Try changing the orchestrator robot settings and turn off login to console option…
  4. If the issue is not occuring on the first ui interaction activity of the botthen Yes job recording also would help

If this is the first ui interaction thats is failing…then most chances that one of the 3 options might be wrong…

Hope this helps


Hi @Anil_G ,

Already check in service and not found the UiPath service,
could you please guide me how to add/install service in windows?



If you are an enterprise customer…then while installing robot…you will have option to select servixe mode

You have to go to custom installation and seect