Orchestrator Job failing while the process executed from Studio and Robot tray it is run successfully

HI Team,

Error is getting when run the job from orchestrate but when the same package execute from studio is is successful.

It it stuck at one of the step and getting system exception - Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector.

Any help is really appreciated.

I am facing some unexpected issue. We are executing the job form orchestrator and it if failing at one step throwing system exception “Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector” while we have execute process from Studio and Robot tray it is run successfully.

However we have verified the selectors but there is no issues with selectors, moreover while 1st iteration it is working fine but facing issue while 2nd iteration, we are using click activity.

Any comment or clue really helpful to proceed furhter. Thank you!

The bot was taking the resolution 1024 X 786. But the system resolution was set to 1366 X 786. Post we made the changes in orchestrator robot setting issue resolved and BOT executed successfully

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