Java Extension Troubleshooting


Thanks for posting this link. Based on the checks, I have confirmed that all the required files (JAR and exist where they are supposed to.
I’ve also confirmed that the “” file is identical to what is indicated in the Troubleshooting page.

Please see the example selector below. For some reason, when I try to select an element, I get the cls names as shown below. And not a single selector has the “java role” element in the selector.

The closest thing I see to Java is “SWTWindow” with SWT I believe is Standard Widget Toolkit.

How can I confirm that my Java Extension is working if I don’t see the selectors as described in the troubleshooting page?


DBeaver SQL Editor:

Hi @AndyMenon,

Java Extension can automate only applications that use awt to draw elements on the screen. It’s mandatory for an app that uses awt to load awt.dll. (You can use Process Explorer to check that.). I got DBeaver for myself and I can see that it uses another technology, called SWT to draw elements on the screen. Therefore, you will not get a selector if you use the UiExplorer over the app, but a selector with and tags:
<wnd app='dbeaver.exe' cls='SWT_Window0' title='DBeaver 7.3.3' /> <wnd aaname='DBeaver' cls='SWT_Window0' /> <wnd aaname='Database Navigator' cls='SWT_Window0' idx='1' /> <wnd cls='ToolbarWindow32' idx='2' /> <ctrl name='New Folder' role='push button' />