Java based application crashes when interacting with UiPath Explorer

Hello I am unable to automate Java based application, here is an example what happens:

java srash

I have installed Java extension. Interesting to note, that one in a 30 attempts it worked and didn’t crash…

Hi @NotFranmax

Please close the Java Application, and try Relaunching the Ui Path Studio and Re-install the java extension.


did that already, restarted Studio, relaunched app, tried to work without Java extension and then installed it back


Please close the Java Application during installing the extention.

App was closed during installation. Tried to inspect using Microsoft Desktop automation and it didn’t crash.

Hello @NotFranmax ,

Can you switch to the Modern Design of Uipath studio and try to use the App/Web Recorder?
Try to record it using this recorder and update here if its working or not.

It crashes using UiPath Explorer, Classic and Modern recorders. I will try to install it to another computer with a different Studio version and check if the problem still exists.

Hi @NotFranmax ,

there might be an issue with the app itself. We rely on Accessibility features when interacting with Java app, and some custom Java frameworks don’t implement some API’s well. Can you try to follow these steps to get some logs?

  1. Download DebugView (DebugView - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn)
  2. Add an environment variable called UIPATH_LOG_LEVEL with the value VERBOSE
  3. Open DebugView (make sure Capture…, in the upper menu, is checked) and minimize the window (indicating inside will crash it).
  4. Reproduce the issue with the Java app.
  5. Save the log contents to a file and paste it here.
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Thank You will try, but it will take time. I am unable to do that without IT and they are very slow!

I can do it if there is a public way of getting access to that app.

Dear Vlad, I have managed to do the steps You provided, but will not paste it here - too much corporate information is exposed. I will send it by PM

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I sent you a PM, but I think is better to continue via email. Please send me one at