JAVA Extension broke app

Hello Guys,

Sorry to annoy you but I’m with a huge problem… I’m currently in a middle of a project and I’m trying to interact with a JAVA based app.

I’ve installed the JAVA extension of Uipath, and with sucess, but since ive installed it, the app in itself stopped working (the popup with login open and closes right away)

Ive checked the Troubleshotting of the java extension and followed all the steps and it seems all to be ok (Java Extension Troubleshooting)

The problem its simple, as the Java app stopped working after the installation of the extension.

Could someone help me please?

Best Regards,

Miguel Pontes

That’s a new one I think.
Have you contacted support? This seems like it will need a troubleshooting session.

Studio version?
Java version on which the app is built?
Your java version installed - is it a custom jre?