Java extension in UIPath

Can somebody assist me in fixing the issue I am facing with the installation of Java Extension in UIPath?
I am getting the error “Error 4#Installation Failed”. Below is the screenshot

Tried using the command prompt as well but getting the same error. Below is the screenshot.

Can someone help?

@arthirag ,

Just a chance, when i tried to install JAVA extension, it asks for admin credentials.

Can you try running studio as admin and try to install the extension?

Hi Hareesh,

Tried with admin privilege but still getting the same error :frowning:


Can you check these :

It says that all the running java applications needs to close while installing the extensions.

Hi @arthirag,

Can you please try the ScreenScrapeJavaSupport Tool?

Was your issue fixed? Having same problem

Can you try running the UiPath application as admin @Mitchell_Binder

Hi @arthirag
I am also facing same issue. Please help me to troubleshoot