Is Check App State disappears failing because the element is gone before Check App State executes

I have a click activity and then Check App State to wait for something to disappear. This is because sometimes the web page is slow and it can take some time for the save to commit.

But now I’m getting failures which make no sense. The only thing I can come up with is that the element is disappearing immediately and Check App State isn’t seeing that the element is there in order to wait for it to disappear.


So what’s d error you are getting here please ?

Hello @postwick

If you are waiting for the disappearance of an element, can you try with Wait for element vanish activity?

I’m not getting any errors. I’m saying the Check App State reports that the element did not disappear, and I suspect it’s because the element had disappeared before the Check App State even executed.

I’m working in modern and prefer to stay with modern, assuming someone can give me an understanding of what the expected behavior is of Check App State if the UI element disappears before the Check App State executes.

Oh so it is always going to false block !

This should not be the case though, could you please show the props ?

No it’s not always going to false block.

Do you know the expected behavior of Check App State (with disappears) when the Ui element already doesn’t exist at the moment Check App State executes?

Hey @postwick

I haven’t observed it in depth, But we are currently using the same for some popup scenarios where bot choose something from the popup and submit. Once the popup disappears we will be moving forward which works fine without any issues as of now.


What version of UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities are you on?

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@postwick It’s 21.10.4

Ok I’m on the 22.x versions so possibly a bug has been introduced.

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Okay May be !