Iterate through each Web URL

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In suppose Amazon, I search a product and I want full product detail of each product from the child page. So I want to iterate though each product name to fetch the details by going to each link. And i want to store this data on a csv or excel. My script does not seem to work. Can someone help please.


Use Data scraping and it will give you output as dataTable and easily you can write into excel or csv file.



Please check below link:

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Use data scrapping to scrape the data from amazon and follow the instructions and then use write range or write csv to write the data to excel or csv file.

Pavan H.


is it possible to click on each product, read the detail information, going back and click on the next product?


Hi @Ilga_Muller,

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Yes, it is possible to do what you are requesting for. Or other way you can do that is while extracting the data from through data scrapping you can also extract the URL’s of the products which you can use directly to extract the product information.


Thanks for that quick respond Sid!
I still don’t undestand how to solve the problem. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough.
I want to make the tool click on each product, after clicking the tool should save information from detail (or something like that), going back and click the next product.
Is there some example like that?

I just get a table with the information like name, but I don’t know how to make the tool clicking trough each product.



please check the below steps may provide you any insight to your problem

  1. read the data from table using read range (Imagining you are getting the name in excel sheet)
    2)use for each row to iterate from the list of name to pass single name at time
  2. inside the for loop, pass the name for the click activity to click on that particular product( this can be done through pass the names to the selector as dynamic)
  3. read the required values from the product using Get text or other activities
  4. click on home page or try traversing back to initial page by using click or Go back activity.