Extracting Price and Articel Name from Amazon in a For Loop

Hello. Im new to UiPath and looking for Help. I need to extract Prices and Articel Name from Amazon Products and save them in Excel. Can someone help me pls? Would be great to chat in discord.

Hi @Zaramot

  1. Use “Use Application/Browser” activity and indicate the amazon page screen.
  2. Use “Type Into” activity and what products you want to search.
  3. Use “Extract Table Data” activity to extract the name and price of the particular product. If you inducate for one it will automatically take for below products. If you want to do that for multiple pages there is option in that wizard, enable and indicate the next button.
  4. Use “Write Range Wrokbook” activity to write the extracted data to excel. Make sure to tick Add headers option.

This workflow will help you understand the process of the given above steps.
Sequence11.xaml (23.9 KB)

Hope it helps!!

im getting this mistake. i opened amazon earlier with use application/browser. then i did a for loop to search for all cell values in excel and type them into amazon. but when i try to do a type into with attach browser it always says that i need a use application/browser. but i dont want that in my for loop. i only want it open once

Attach browser is an classic activity and Use browser is an modern activity
So to use Type into in the attach browser, u have to use classic type into activity
Please refer below screenshot

Thank you for the fast answer. Now i want to search all the variables. But it does only search for the first one and does not keep searching for the others. In types in the first value of the variable and clicks on search and stops.


Make sure the process in For Each Row in DataTable and in type into pass the variable as

not working. it looks like it clicks it after the first variable twice.

Hi @Zaramot

Hope it helps!!

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Helps Alot. Thank u very much

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