It takes us a long time to call Workflows

We have many processes that contain many workflows, enter and exit continuously while the process is running. The problem we are seeing now, is that it takes a few seconds (between 10 to 50 seconds) when each workflow calls. This did not happen in previous versions of UIPath. We are currently using version 19.4.3 to execute our processes.
They would help us identify the source of the problem, and a possible solution.

Thank you.

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this looks strange, no worries
–may i know what kind of process is been handled
–are we using any OCR based or image based activities
–or are we using any DELAY activities

because OCR and Delay may slow down the performance in a big process execution
and if we are accessing multiple applications at a time, based on the system or server memory space, this may get impacted

Cheers @pixelsam

Thank you very much for answering.

The problem doesn’t happen within the workflow, rather when this sequence calls the workflow, you follow me

sequence => InvokeWorkflow

Inside there may be “openBrowser” / “Sequences” / “Personalized Activities” etc.

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I guess, it could be because of this
Generally performance tuning doesn’t rely on the process we develop alone and it depend on the application that we work on as well
So I guess your description means that the process has now problem may be the application might cause a flicker in the process
—we need to check that and validate as well because you say it’s working but taking more time so that might be a reason

Kindly correct me if I am wrong
Hope this would help you
Cheers @pixelsam