Invoke Work flow

Hi ,

I am working on Citrix based environment. so for every Sequence file I am using Attach Window and I have split my process into 85 sequences but my Manager asking me to merge all the work flow bcz if I we have more work flow(sequences) then the solution will work slowly. But in UIPath some where I read use multiple small sequences.
Please provide me the details if I was wrong.

and also I am using the Key board automation and I am giving Delay before and Delay After as “0” still is any other way to run my solution without any delay/slow.

First you should check out Flowcharts. It lets you connect to your sequences in much more organized and sustainable way.

If you right click on your sequence there is an option that says “Extract to Workflow” so that might make it easier to move something to a workflow. The rest is just setting up how your variables and arguments interact.

Basically, if the variable gets changed only in one workflow, then it should originate from there and be used as an “Out” Argument then store it to a variable in the Main workflow. If it gets changed in multiple workflows, then it should be used as an “In/Out” Argument so it can go in, change, then come back out.

Hope that gets you going a little bit!

As for speed, it depends. If it’s image activities then that could take time to find the image, so you might want to decrease the area it looks in with clipping region of the element. If you are running long loops that can take time too, so try to avoid those when possible. I think UiPath is just slow on some things.


Thanks for your reply.
if I split one flow as multiple file then is there any chance of getting delay in execution? ex :- I have split one work flow as 10 work flows then is there any change in execution time(for every workflow I am using activity attach window).

and I am frequently using the activities like Attach window (begin of each file), copy selected text, get text from clipboard, send hot key. for each activity I am giving the Delay as 0 still is there any other way to speed up?

I have not noticed a slowness by using Invoke Workflow. But, it might be faster since your files are smaller. It will also be faster to edit the files because when they get large it slows down UiPath.

Also, speeding it up between those activities will depend on how fast the window comes up. Sometimes UiPath has trouble finding the element for a few seconds too. I don’t think you can do that much to speed it up with element activities.


Thanks for your suggestion.

please correcet me if I am wrong. If we use Attach window activity multiple times then there might be chance of delay.

You are correct. It might, since each activity will add a half a second to get through. It usually won’t add that much though. Like you don’t want to try and only use one Attach window when you might need to split the sequence up and re-Attach to make it more organized. However, when possible you want to develop your code in minimal steps for speed.