How to improve the performance to execute a script

Hi everybody,

I designed a routine or script which I have a table with thousands of records and I am going through it by means of for bucle and also I performed some operations with each row. However, I noticed that this process takes to much time to execute all the operations. If I designed the same proccedure in VBA it takes half or less time. I would like to know the best approach to get best performance this routine using UiPath Studio.

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Hi Sergio,

Would it be possible to share your xaml? I do a lot of converting VBA to UiPath and in my experience, UiPath processes the same jobs much faster. I’m thinking there may be some activities that could be consolidated.

Hi @bcarp

Thanks for your help. The process is quite large and it is difficult to explain as a whole. However, this is the bucle that I am performing:

I have to bucles to work with a table that I have with more than 2000 registers. When I execute this script it takes 4 hours or even more to finish all rows. I hope this information is useful for you.



Hi @bcarp

One more thing, I am invoking a process within the bucle. could it be the reason?


@sergio85 Without seeing the invoked workflow, the only thing I can guess is the invoke is slowing things down for you. I’m not sure how UiPath works in the back end when using invoke workflow. I imagine it probably validates the workflow before running it. If that is the case, it would have to validate the invoked workflow for every product. You may try merging the two workflows and seeing if your results are any better.

When just processing data, UiPath tends to run through thousands of records in a matter of seconds. We just need to find what is slowing it down. It is typically something in a loop such as queries, nested loops, etc that have to be performed on each item which can really slow things down. However, there are usually solutions to these inefficiencies.

Hi @bcarp

Thanks for your prompt answer. I am attaching the invoked workflow, maybe in this way you could help me. With this workflow what I am doing is to fix each field of the table. But as I said, it takes too much time during the execution and I do not understand why.

Thanks in advance.

fixText.xaml (103.5 KB)

@sergio85 UiPath should blow through this with no problems. Write lines do slow things down some so you may try disabling them but that is not where your problem stems from. I would believe it to be the actual process of invoking the workflow. Have you tried merging the workflows?

@bcarp… Ok I will try and I will let you know. Thanks