Issues while executing the workflow from studio and orchestrator


I am working on a web based automation project.The web page is taking more time to load while executing a workflow when compared to the time taken for the same page to load manually.The time difference is more than noticeable time.

As workaround we have included delays and checks using image exists,element exists and get attribute but i would like to know if some thing else could be done to remove the delays.

Also,I have checked the CPU and memory utilization of the server where this workflow is being executed,everything is as expected.The CPU and memory of the server are according to the hardware requirements suggested by uipath.

Could anyone please suggest me a solution.




As you said, already you are using these things right. These are enough and Delete Delay activity. You can also use On Element Appear activity also.


Thanks for the Reply!

I want to remove delays as the time difference between the time taken to perform task manually and through automation is almost 3 minutes.I can use on element appear,but i feel that also would be kind of a work around.I would like to know why the web page is taking so much time to load while executing from studio and orchestrator.


I guess issue with your network connection and not with UIPath studio or Orchestrator.

Hello @jkrish1346

You could use timeout option if you want too.

I have checked that as well,our network team has confirmed that there are no issues from network side for this server.