Issues with Quickbooks Online activities

@Samrat_Dutta , you answered to this question some time ago, and I found your answer very helpful.

I revisited this today and have a couple of questions that perhaps you can answer.

  1. Building on what you started here, I’ve been able to create activities in a Windows Legacy project to query the API for a customer ID and a product ID so I can include them in the transmission of the invoice. Invoice is being created, but it’s being created without an invoice number. Did you have the same experience? How might we change the request so that an invoice number is assigned to the invoice? I feel like I’m missing a part that should be submitted with the initial request.

  2. I don’t understand all the things happening inside your multiple assign to build up the objects you pass in to the Insert Record activity. I’d like to build up a JSON string following the Quickbooks API and convert that string into an Invoice object to the pass in to the Insert Record activity. Do you know how I could covert a json object into an invoice object?

  3. After updating your project to the Windows (versus Windows - Legacy), Studio starts throwing errors, even with all supporting packages updated. Have you had the same experience? I thought perhaps adding a Quickbooks Online Scope might resolve the issue, but it didn’t.

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Hi @kevinpscott ,

  1. Can you try using the DocNumber property?
  2. I have to check internally if this can be done. Will get back to you on this.
  3. Windows is currently not supported for the QuickBooks Online Activity Pack yet and we will try to make it available soon.

Hi @kevinpscott ,
Any update if you were able to succeed using DocNumber?
What is the version of Studio you are using?

Hi @Samrat_Dutta,

I’m using the Community Edition. I haven’t tried using the Quickbooks API in some time, but I’d like to use it if it can be made reliable because I write a LOT of Quickbooks Online invoices through the UI.

How am I to use the doc number property if I don’t know what the next invoice number should be? If I keep track of the invoices that the robot writes, that count will be off if someone manually enters an invoice.

Hi @kevinpscott The DocNumber is generally auto generated by QBO and I don’t think that needs to be explicitly passed to the request.

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