Quickbook automation

Hi all do anybody worked in desktop quick book application for invoice creation?

Yes and I am having a hard time with selectors for click activities. I am trying to use a click activity to select the ‘create invoices’ icon on the main splash screen but, UIPath only seems to find the parent window. I guess my alternate approach will be to tab through menu items and then use alt-keys via the send-hotkey activity.

Once I can reliably access the invoice entry screen, I plan to access the client account by typing their four-digit account id in the first field (I went through and appended these account id’s to the end of each company name in anticipation of this automation project) and then tabbing through. Since each ID is unique to the company name, it pulls up the account info. It is the most reliable method I have been able to come up with.

Let me know how your efforts have been going. Cheers

To create an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop Pro, select “Customers| Create Invoices ” from the Menu Bar. The specific invoice form used for the transaction can be changed. To do this, use the “Template” drop-down in the upper-right corner of the invoice data entry form. Then enter customer information into the invoice .

Hello @naveen19 @sandtr0ut @rajanrao1 @Pistle
did anyone have any success with Quickbooks?
I am entering Data(Data Table) in the Estimate Fields in Quickbooks.
I need bot to go the next line(2) after its completed entering data in line1.
Any hints/ideas would be helpful.