Match name input date from excel to web with uipath

Hello everyone, web data entry problem.
select serial no in drop down list then match the name input date then click proceed.
Then next row.
Then next row

Hi @Lucky_Lucky

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Use Read Range to read the Excel file into a Data Table variable. The output of the Read Range activity is stored in the Data Table Variable.
Use the For Each Row in Data Table Activity to iterate through the row of the above Data Table. This Activity takes one data row at a time.
Now, Starts the UI Automation Part
Use Type Into Activity to Type the Serial Number into the Text Box. Provide the Serial number value of current row in iteration as CurrentRow(0).ToString. See below


Similarly, if you want to access the 2nd column value use CurrentRow(1).ToString and for 3rd use CurrentRow(2).ToString

You have to select the right text box to enter the Date.
Use the Anchor Base Activity for this. Anchor will be the Name column and Base will be the text box.
Use the Find element activity in Anchor and Type into Activity in Base

In order to perform the UI Automation Task you must understand the role Selectors first. These are very important. I would prefer to watch this video first and then proceed with any UI Automation Activity.

It is advised to watch the tutorial videos of all the above activities mentioned above before using them specially Anchor Base.


If your web is accepting the date in a specific format use:

DateTime.ParseExact(txt, “dd-MM-yy”, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToString("<Required_Format>")

Example -
<Required_Format> = “dd/MM/yy” or “dd/MM/yyyy” etc

Hello sir, webpage actually this type.
Make step by step in uipath

Hello sir, how to do this
Make step by step

Hi @Lucky_Lucky

Give a try with anchors on type into activity
it might help you

Thank you