Datatable to Web Table

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So the scenario is I have a datatable with invoice line items stored. I need to enter them into separate Lines in an web based accounting platform.

I am using a For each row enter the description, then the price and the qty, but not sure how it to go to the next line and enter the next row data in a new line on the web app

Can you please share screenshot of your web table?

Thank you!

Hi Sat

Check if the element have any attributes for Row Id. And check if it increases in sequence. If so, you can use a incremental counter in place of RowId.

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I have foudn out that all the rows and columns are signified in the selector

idx is the row number,

I did an assign before the For Each Row, and gave it a value IDX = 1

but when I try and change the selector to idx=IDX but it doesn’t work it just changes it back to the above

If Idx is the sequence number starting from 1 and it is incremental, the use selector IDX=Idx.tostring (variable as int) then as soon as you done with one entry assign idx=idx+1

Thanks for your reply this is what im getting


this is the sequence

@Jersey_Practical_Sho, You need to specify IDX within double quotes.

tablerow = ‘" + IDX.tostring + "’

I have its right a the bottom in the Assign

Give selector as

<html title='Xero | Edit Bill | MasonBreeseTest' /> <webctrl parentid='ext-gen18‘ tag='TABLE' idx:'1' /> <webctrl tableCo|='3' tag='TD' tableRow='" + IDX.tostring + "' />

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Your variable should be out of single quote and start n end with +

Is it supposed to change to this after you’ve input it?


Can you try sending special key(Send Hotkey Activity) like - [Tab] to go to next line and then follow the process using for each row activity.

  • Paste the below string in selector field without opening it.

" <webctrl parentid=‘ext-gen18‘ tag=‘TABLE’ idx:‘1’ /> <webctrl tableCo|=‘3’ tag=‘TD’ tableRow=’" + IDX.tostring + “’ />”


This combined with the IDX incrimination worked successfully. Sometimes the simple answer is the best answer :wink:

Hi all,
I’m having the same issue and i have done all the proposed solutions and still yet no result, can anyone please share theirs.