Issues with Extracting word using Get Text

I would like to get a text that is always on the same place on the same area, but the text can be different in number form. It looks like this:

I would like to extract the Total passengers’ CO2/journey (KG) which is 357.00

Can someone assist me with this topic? And which selector should i use?


Can you share URL of the site?


Hey @daniek, use the “Get Attribute” activity instead of the “Get Text” activity, store the result in a variable use that variable wherever you want, and set the continue on error property to true. In this way, you will be able to collect dynamic text always.

In the screenshot below I am getting the text Login and storing it to needLogin and using it accordingly. In the default value of the variable set it to “NA” otherwise when the variable is null you will get an error in conditions like if.

In attribute you get describe whatever you want to extract like innertext, URL, etc.

Get Attribute Activity

You can change tools of selector for “ignore text”, if the selector is in “restrictive” input a “*”. This for moderns activies

Extract Text from Fixed Location on Screen

Step 1: Use the “Get Text” Activity

  • Drag and drop the “Get Text” activity onto your workflow.

Step 2: Indicate the Element

  • Click on the “Indicate on screen” button in the “Get Text” activity.
  • Hover over the text toextract and click to indicate the element.

Step 3: Configure the Activity

  • The “Get Text” activity captures text within the specified element.
  • Set the output variable to store the extracted text.
  • Accuracy depends on the reliability of the application or screen.
  • Implement logic for dynamic text scenarios.
  • Consider additional techniques like OCR for non-standard UI or embedded images.

Use CV activities to get rid of selectors!!

1.CV ScreenScope Activity in that Capture this Screen
2.CV GetText Activity and target element on "Total passengers’ CO2/journey (KG) "
store in avaraible.
3.CV GetText activity and target element on “357.00”
store in a variable.



How about the following sample?

Sample (7.2 KB)


Problem have been resolved. Thank you

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