Get text windows application

As seen in the image the text would be " previewing 2000 out of 64000 items" some time that would be “800 items”, “7 items”…etc

get text activity not working due to selectors issue

and I used the CV method, and it is working fine with either one.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Pujari_Manjunatha show us the selector that you are using for get text activity.

Hi @Pujari_Manjunatha did you try Get Attribute activity?

Hi @Pujari_Manjunatha

Did you try changing the UI Frameworks while extracting the text using Get Text activity. Try changing that and update if it works. If not try sharing the workflow so that I can get an solution.

Hope it helps!!


You can use dynamic selector using regex in selectors

innertext='.*\d+ items' matching:innertext='regex'