Dynamic selector for Get Text activity


I am trying to extract the text in the red box . However, the position of the text is not fixed - sometimes it may be lower or higher than shown in the example above. Is there some way to extract this text regardless of its position on the page?

Just see if you want to extract how many positions?
Maybe you can try using an element exist and extracting it with the get text

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Hi @Mulya_Habibi_Tullah,

Thanks for your suggestion - the Element Exists activity works but the output is a boolean which is not supported by Get Text. How can extract the sentence using Get Text?

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Hi @keshana_t

You can try out with css selector too

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Thank you for your suggestion. Can you please further explain how I can use the css selector?

This is the selector I am using now and it isn’t dynamic:

Hi @keshana_t check this video for learning

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Thank you very much @NIVED_NAMBIAR

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