Issues with Data Scrapping

I am currently pursuing a UIPATH course, and this is my certification project. I am asking questions here on this forum, and I have inserted my previous question here for documentation purposes.

Previously asked question

I am to 1)extract data from multiple Excel Files in a Folder, which are company names, 2)enter a specific website, 3)type the company name and go to the related link, 3) scrape data from the website (6 individual data) which I am trying to do using Data Scrapping, and the “Extract Correlated Data” options. 4)Put the extracted data into the excel file. 5)Mail the data.

I am able to get parts working 1, 2, 5 separately.

The issue I am facing is that the Data Scrapping sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Even when it does, it does not save all the data in the output datatable. Sometimes the data is missing. Sometimes the same data is copied for all fields. The error observed is not uniform.

I have attached my current .xaml file. Would anyone please go over the file and help me understand what mistake I am making? I am a novice, and would really appreciate any and all help to that end.

As of the moment of writing, mailing, and iterating through the Excel Files is working fine.

ThanksMain.xaml (26.2 KB)

TrainingFile.xlsx (8.3 KB)

Have also added the Excel File I am using for Training Purposes. Ideally, the scrapped data will go back into the same file, but I have not put that in the main.xaml now, so as to reduce the complexity and help me understand what I am working on better.