Scrapped Data not getting written in Excel

Hello All,

I’m a beginner in Ui path. The process is starting when there is an unread email with the subject containing Forex. I’m trying to write scraped values from the website into an excel file and then send the file as an email attachment to the recipient. It is able to write the first set of value in excel however second value is not getting written in excel. I’m not able to debug the workflow. I’ve attached theFlowchart.xaml (41.4 KB)
workflow here.


Hi Shubhamg,

Try with Data Scraping. this will help you extract data from multiple pages.


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you might did mistake in for each loop scope.

Try loop scope till the sending outlook mail.

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@shubhamg830 - can you write your send email logic inside foreach loop

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I’ve updated my workflow and inserted complete program inside the body of for each loop. Here is the updated workflow. I’m also attaching the output excel sheet, It has data in A2 cell but in B2 it is not retaining the output value.Flowchart.xaml (39.0 KB)
TEST11.xls (23 KB)