Issues with clicking image in a dropdown menu

I’m working in a .Net application and trying to navigate through the dropdown windows to the function “Reconciliation Tool Export” and UiPath is not recognizing the last menu item.

I’ve tried using the Image Recorder in both Click Image and Click Text modes also tried manually adding a Click Image item but it doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve tried pausing the recorder with F2.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also below is the Selector details from UIExplorer.


Try using navigation keys, for example to go to next menu use send hotkey - right, then send hot key enter

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from selector screenshot… I believe you are able to identify it (Reconciliation Tool… button) individually.
then why you are using click image or click text activity instead of normal click indicating UiElement…?

I thought about that but the app doesn’t seem to use keyboard shortcuts for the menu items

@AkshaySandhu I tried Click as well, but it’s not working either.

  1. are you getting any error with normal click or
  2. it is not giving any error and also not working…

if second one is the case then… have you tried normal click with Send Windows Message or Simulate click checked

Hi @Gavin_Mcmaster,
Clck on tools and then again use click image activity and when selecting from screen press f2 and click the tools and then click image Data Export and again use click image to click the other option.

let us know if this helps.

Pavna H

Got this to work thanks @Ragu9060. Is there a more efficient way to do it than this?

I need to press down 9 times, then right once, then enter.


Maybe instead of sending down 9 times, try sending up. When the selection reaches top it will automatically come to bottom.

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If the solution is working kindly close and mark as solution.

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