Not able to select Windows Menu Items on mouse Right Click

I tried to use F2 feature to click menu items , loaded on mouse right click.

please suggest best solution for that, can we capture these menu items in UIexplorer if yes than how?

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Hi @Ankit_Bhatnagar, can you share an screenshot where we can see which menu items are you trying to click?

Regards :mage:

Thank Pablo,
due to some business constraints , i am not able to show you the exact screen, but other example i can show you.Not able to capture these type of menu items.

Thats weird. I made a short code which makes a right click on windows desktop, and then, using F2 I was able to click the items of the menu.

Take a look the selectors of the activity. Or maybe you can use a get text activity and check if UiPath can recognize the text at least. If you can recgonize the text, you should be able to click it.

I got the problem,
The grid in which i need to do mouse right click, not able to captured by the UIpath , so its child controls are failing.

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oh Ok @Ankit_Bhatnagar, I guess that you can take another way to do it.

First make the right click on desktop or where you want to open the menu. After that, you can send hotkeys (down hotkey) to move between the items of the menu. After that send and “Enter” and you got it :slight_smile:

Hope it helps. Tell me the results please :). Regards friend :mage:

Hard Luck , hot keys are moving in Grid cells…background of the menu items :frowning:

… seriously? :joy:

after that, definitely does not recognize the menu… I don’t really know how to solve it… Maybe telling UiPath the exactly clipping region… it should work because you will force the UiPath to exactly click where you want, but it will fail the next time you run the robot in another machine with another resolution…

It’s weird… Maybe some other UiPath user can help us :). Let’s wait other responses while you try this last idea.

Regards friend :mage:

Hi @Ankit_Bhatnagar,

Please record the operations in the Desktop or basic. After that you can able to see the all the selectors.




i have done recording , but not able to capture the menu items…

Hi again friend,

Which item of the menu do you want to open or capture @Ankit_Bhatnagar? I have another idea that may could work.