Click Image or click text issue


Hi All,

I am having issue in capturing the click using click image element. I am following below given steps but it doesn’t capture anything? can you please suggest? it’s inside webpage

Step1. Using click image element.
step2. clicking on Indicate image on screen.
step3. clicking f2 to pause so that I can right click.
step4. once I get the right side menu I am selecting Submit for approval but nothing comes up?

can you let me know why it is not capturing the Image. I tried same with click text option and that also fails. nothing comes up?

Try with computer vision activities so that we can select the fields as individual elements rather to choose them as image

or if we are not able to click with computer vision
use send hot key activity and use a key tab until it reaches PRD-156… and once it reaches there use another send hot key with key Shift + F10 which is the right click and again use a send hot key with key down to come down and use n number of send hot key activity untill it reaches the position and use enter key send hot key

Hope this would help you
Cheers @gyaneshwar_behera

Thanks , I am able to Right click on RN number . Once I right click it open a another menu beside it as shown in piture and handling that with keyboard or hot keys is not possible… it has to be done by mouse.
any suggestion?

click image should work actually
in that activity, go for the property panel and change the waitforready property as None, and increse the TimeoutMs property to value of 50000
and try once

Cheers @gyaneshwar_behera

Thanks I made the change,

I clicked on Indicate image on screen inside Click Image and then went to RN and clicked f2.
then right clicked on it. I got right hand side menu but when I selected “Submit for Approval” then I don’t see any image captured inside Click Image box which we usually see when we do this?

Kindly select that again
it will come for sure
Cheers @gyaneshwar_behera


Although I follow steps you gave and steps I was doing to capture image,
after I select nothing comes. it is empty as shown in picture.

any update?