Information in Datatable does not go to the excel file

I need an aplication to read a PDF file and get some information and save those informations in an Excel file. But I’m having problems with this part, as I can read the file and confirm reading and extracting the data I want with a log. I saved the information in a variable and passed this variable to my write range, but when I open excel, there is nothing there… what can I do?

my workflow…


For now, can you try to use WriteRange under AppIntegration-Excel, instead of System-File-Workbook-WriteRange?




Just keep your Add Data row before write range activity
then it will work.


Hi @Danilo_Rodrigues, I hope you are doing well.
Just wanted to confirm, are you using the excel write range activity for your dt_info datatable before add row activity or after it?
If you are using write range before add row activity then the datatable which you are writing to excel will be an empty one and hence nothing will be written on excel file.

Please let me know if this was the problem.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

Thx for the response!
I’m using the WriteRange in excel activity when getting this error

thx for the response
It is before

thx for the response!
I’m using the add row after the Build Datatable activity and before the write range activity

Hi @Danilo_Rodrigues, I hope you are doing well.
If you got my response as your answer to the problem then please mark it as a solution and close the thread.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta