Store values from multiple files in data table and write to file


I have built a solution which reads two Excel files, storing all values in a data table and then filter for a given value and then append the values to a file.
Is there any way i could manage this with write to file at the end of my solution?
If so a need to find a way how to add the values to a data table instead of overwrite the values in each loop.

Do you have any suggestions? I have added my solution with ‘Append Range’ which works fine, but i would like to have input if there is other ways to solve it.

Main.xaml (11.4 KB)

@chrste0043 I guess you’re looking for a way to Append values from different datatables to one Final Datatable, In that case you can use the Merge Datatable Activity

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It solved it, i added a build data table at the start and then merge data table inside the for each loop. However, i get an empty row under the headers, how is that possible?

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An empty row had got into the build data table activity, once i removed it the solution works perfectly fine.

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