Unable to Record Web applications

I have this same problem where i am unable to record indicate on screen for browser. However i have the extension enabled on chrome. I also tried reinstalling extension, restarting browser. I have attached error screenshot (err).

This issue is with Chrome. Works absolutely fine on Firefox.

Kindly suggest asap. I need to complete my L3 assignment 1 asap.

err uipath%20extension

try reinstalling the extension and restarting the browser

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Did that already! No change.

its always better to use IE to complete all assignments.
try to change your browser to IE and try to complete the workflow.

Chrome extensions usually cause problem in RPA but I would recommend you to follow this tutorial in order to solve you issue (just search google : “uipath chrome extension”
If you need help please let me know.

Yes! It takes up IE by default. I was using Chrome while recording. Now I am using Firefox to record though. That works fine!

Thank you!

Himanshu Kumar

I have done that. Thank you

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