Issue with Wait for Download


I have a process that runs fine in Studio; Assistant; and direct from the Orchestrator Process itself. However, when I schedule the Job to run from an Orchestrator Trigger, it fails during the Wait For Download operation as the filename assigned to the file variable is the Temporary FileName, rather than the actual file name.

Can anybody provide any guidance?

This filename will always be the same. Can I manually assign the folder and filename to a filename variable?

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Have you tested to edit the Ignore file extensions property to avoid the temporary file?

  • Ignore file extensions - Specify which file extensions should be ignored until the download completes. Should you wish to specify several extensions, you can provide them inside a comma-separated list (e.g. “tmp,dwn”). This field supports only Strings and String variables.

Hey @gary.cobden

When you run manually from orchestrator it is working right ?


That seems to work

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